GZUS PIECE - "Luse Squares" mini​-​EP [prod. D​.​O​.​E BOY PHILLY]

by Gzus Piece

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--> THE 3-TRACK mini-EP [Two Songs + a *Bonus instrumental by D.O.E BOY PHILLY],
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...MEET GZUS PIECE: hands-down our FAVORiTE CHiCAGO-based EMCEE... and a clear stand-out among the altogether-impressive roster of his #TREATED Crew peers... [Who are often regarded by fans

Upon listening to the title track of his "Expensive Shit" EP, Gzus Piece's chilled delivery immediately put us on-mission to connect him with an unfamiliar East Coast counterpart- producer/[emcee], D.O.E BOY PHILLY- whose equally-slick, soulful production has since caught the attention of 50 Cent, Fabolous and Charles Hamilton.....

Although only two vocal tracks, these were recorded EXCLUSiVELY for PUBLiC AXiS Rx... And the result: what we hope to be regarded among the 10-BEST independent HiP-HoP SONGS of 2015 in the lead track, "PROVERBS"..... An excerpt of a seemingly-random conversation quickly fades in and out, as DBP's piano loop navigates GP through one flawless, insightful line after another.

One of those rare gems capable of impressing just about any audience within the umbrella of Hip-HoP, the hook wraps everything together, delivering a vital message about truth-to-self [via clever anecdotes and crystal punchlines] to the rampant bandwagoners overpopulating the rap game...

..."Wave of Pain" was recorded during cold-weather getaway in LA, w/ sun and green trees creating the atmosphere for Gzus Piece to lay another track full of effortless, laid back flows and superb, fluid lyricism... Also produced by D.O.E BOY PHILLY, this track includes a special treat looming in the melody for fans of a cult-classic, 1990's NYC street-ball flick starring the late Mr. Shakur.



released January 29, 2015

~ Lyrics written + performed by Gzus Piece [ASCAP] ~
~ Music composed by D.O.E BOY PHILLY for Business As Usual [ASCAP] ~
~ Executive Produced by D. Pinelli for Public Axis Radio [ASCAP] // Co-Produced by G. Raglin for Gzus Piece Music [ASCAP ~



all rights reserved
Track Name: Proverbs
"I'm not Talib, Mos, nor am I Com' Sense
I'm not Sosa, Durk, or none of that shit
I'm Gzus-motherfuckin'-Piece, homie.
That's it..."
"Don't be a dick your whole life,
Grow up and see the world.
Quit hatin' on [others] and acting like little girls.
Get your weight up..."

Track Name: Wine Cellar... [DBP Instrumental Outro]
[ NONE ]