Shipping and return policies for PubLic Axis Rx

Shipping Info
WE SHiP to U.S.A., CANADA, MEXICO, SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, and AUSTRALiA/ NEW ZEALAND via United States Postal Service...

EUROPEAN/ INTERNAT'L FAM: please note that we do our best to keep shipping charges as friendly as possible.... The support shown to us thus far is very much appreciated... THANK YOU!

Item turnaround times can vary depending on our overall physical order volume at the time, and shipment destination... USPS TRACKiNG NUMBERS [or CUSTOMS DECLARATION #'s] for international orders can be provided upon request if not posted to PayPal.

Thx Again!
Return Policy
All physical merchandise is shipped through USPS... All domestic [U.S.] shipments will have a tracking number, and all international shipments will have a customs declaration # ...We post them on the PayPal transaction receipts as quickly as possible. If you have any concerns with delivery status before a tracking/customs number is posted, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE to CONTACT:: <<>>

We don't ship *purchased* merchandise that's visibly cracked/chipped/ broken/ torn/ etc- and all merchandise is shipped in bubble-wrap... *WE'VE HAD NO ISSUES OR COMPLAINTS REPORTED THUS-FAR*, neither from overseas nor domestic fans..... but please begin the email subject line w/ "CUSTOMER SERVICE:" should any mishaps occur. **We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any items sent as free bonus gifts.**

Please always double-check the differences between digital-only music purchases and physical copy packages, specifically in re: songs/items that are exclusive to the physical pasckage before placing an order.
>> (Tapes and other physical music purchases *do not* include digital copies of "tape-only bonus tracks," unless explicitly noted on the individual release pages.) <<

Lastly, European/foreign shipping rates are continuously monitored to be as cost-efficient as possible, (given the extra QA measures we take to help ensure all merch arrives in the same condition which it was shipped... As a token of appreciation for our loyal foreign fam willing to endure the current internat'l shipping fees from the United States, **we add as much lightweight bonus material as can be afforded without driving up the shipping cost.**

Many thanks,
Dom [Owner/ Creative Director]