Satellite Radar v​.​03: NXMsummerduskMiX [BLend]

by DJ Nex Millen

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Note from the Creative Director:

~ While spending the summer abroad in Spain years ago- I was privileged enough to behold my first [and only] Sonar Festival in Barcelona: the most subtle of many "firsts" that weekend (glow-in-the-dark bumper-cars and molly, anyone??) was the simple pleasure seeing [strictly progressive/independent] rap music grouped under the umbrella of "electronic music"... Chalk it off to the daily-influence of superb hash (our "tour guide") if you'd like; however, it's extremely difficult to-not enjoy Sonar, as well as gain an appreciation for all of HiP-HoP's non-vocal, uptempo cousins...

Barcelona's melting pot of free thinkers from all-over the world, the [semi]tropical climate, late days/long sunsets, and the many styles of electronic ambiance permeating five floors of varying lounge atmospheres- places I've only otherwise seen in Dos Equis and Ketel One commercials... It all [obviously] left an impression; I remember telling my friend, "this is what summer is supposed to feel like..."

Upon return to the states, the instrumental hiphop of Fat Jon, Prefuse73 and other was my method for holding onto the lucid, uncommonly-relaxed vibe that their music is an ideal reflection-of. Combing the internet for similar artists eventually introduced me to two Miami-based independent labels: Counterflow Records and Botanica del Jibaro.. as well as Chocolate Industries based in Chicago. Groups like CYNE and Five Deez, plus ahead-of-the-curve producers like Nujabes, Caural, Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician, Manuevers, Plex [of Algorithm], and Boom Bip pioneered a movement. Too "left field" for the many fans still trying to figure out where street anthems like "Shook Ones," "Iced Down Medallions," and "T.O.N.Y." disappeared-to, and not quite dark enough for their northeastern counterparts, Def Jux...

Nonetheless, underground hiphop that welded the boom-bap drum aesthetic with dense soundtracks of deep basslines, layered drum patterns, against ambient/euphoric melodies... These individuals stood at the forefront of what's-now an undeniable EDM influence in hip-hop, paving the way for the contemporary success of producers like Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Gaslamp Killer and many more,

Nex Millen and I pondered over this very topic, eager to compile a mix dedicated to the trailblazers mentioned above, yet knowing that the average music fan has zero clue who most of these people are... After some back and forth, we made the very first Summer Dusk Mix in July 2013, entirely from wax records [no mp3s]... While many reading this could care less about 'Miami hiphop/EDM hybrid subculture, even the most-passive music listener loves a great summmer time mix- and here it is, available the first time ever for download...

Until you get a chance to absorb/zone-out to this brilliant mix in its entirety, [which also includes some excellent displays of turntablism by NXM]- pls don't concern yourself with how 'hot' the individual artists on the blend are right now. Its wholly *unimportant,* unless you want some more[?]..... "It's all about the vibe on this one..." - NEX MiLLEN


released August 19, 2015

Track selection, [partial] arrangement, and cover artwork by D. Pinelli for Public Axis LLC..

Blending, arrangement and additional production by T. Taylor for Cybertron Music [ASCAP]..



all rights reserved